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GUIDELINES for It's Story Time!

It's Story Time is FREE Promotion for Children's Authors!

PLEASE, read the guidelines carefully so you know what is needed from you to do the show!

IMPORTANT: Contact MUST be with the authors only.
We will not work through agents or representatives of any kind.
The SHOW's FORMAT, IS THE SHOW's FORMAT, PERIOD. NO special treatment.

Show's will be recorded on Tuesday at 1 PM EST, or on another day and time scheduled with the host. Shows may be scheduled 2 months ahead of current date.
Shows with be run live at: plus later at Book Garden Radio indexes its shows.
WHAT we need from you, the author, to read your picture book on It's Story Time:

To read  your children's picture book on, It's Story Time,  books need to be a storybook/picture book.   

We need:

.You need to send us a PDF or the manuscript version of the book saved in RTF (rich text file), plus 4 to 5 JPEGS pictures from the inside of the book and one being the cover.
. Also the author must provide their website, a link to where their book can be bought and a few sentences about the book/or the book's blurb.
. We Need you to call in the show at 10 minutes to show time. WE will send you an email with the phone number to call and the show's link at Blog Talk Radio.
We will not pay for books or CD to do the show. AUTHORS must supply what is needed to do the show.

WE CAN READ YOUR BOOK FOR YOU if you like. If you live outside of the USA or would just like us to read your book for you we can do that. *AUTHOR Jan Britland, of the Rodger Dodger Dog series will be reading books for authors in the show.  You will need to send a book or the RTF file to Jan Britland to read in ADDITION to the copy sent to the show's host. 
* MS. Britland needs to know ahead of time before we can read your book for you. About 4 to 6 weeks. 

Show instructions include:
Emailing us the phone number you will be calling in on.

Calling in at 10 minutes before our show time at 1 PM Est., USA.

Being in a quiet room and where you are unlikely to hear noises while the show is on. Recording the show is sensitive so watch out for making unnecessary noises.

Please say nothing until you are introduced. AND Please check your emails before the show that morning to see if there is a problem with the show.

If your computer is on near you, please make sure the speakers are turned off. They will cause a feedback on the show.

If you are using a cell phone, please make sure it is charged.

AND VERY IMPORTANT, you must not be on the speaker phone setting which causes a echo. You will need to hold the phone or have a headset as well hold your book. Sorry, but authors who do this will not be ask back.

It is a FREE show for everyone, and the shows are archived and can be listened to at another time listeners want to.  The show's audience has been as high as 33,000! AGAIN, w
e will not pay for books, CD, or phone calls to the show. AUTHORS must supply what is needed to do the show.

It's Story Time, on the Book Garden Radio at Blog Talk Radio airs on RED RIVER RADIO:

Also, if your book is going to be read on the show, PLEASE send me your book trailer or its link on YouTube so it can be added to the YouTube player! THANKS!

To contact, email us at:  itsstorytimeforkids AT gmail  DOT com